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Tempsure® ENVI


Tempsure ENVI

CynoSure’s FDA-approved TempSure® Envi uses noninvasive radiofrequency technology to regenerate collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles (for example of the forehead, crow’s feet, smile lines, and frown lines), and tighten skin of any type. Although radiofrequency heating devices, such as Ultherapy, Thermage, Thermi, and Pellevé, have been around for years, the TempSure® Envi is the most efficacious because of the way it delivers the radio waves to your dermis. It uses a 300W generator to gently send 4MHz RF to the deep tissue, senses the therapeutic temperature (42°C) quickly, and activates a timer for proper delivery, but stimulates nerves much less than with other devices, so a higher temperature can be used without pain. TempSure® Envi activates collagen production by sending growth factor hormones to the dermis to tighten/smooth your skin and make it firmer from the inside out.

During sessions which generally last 5 minutes per area of the face or neck and up to 45 minutes for the whole face, you will feel a painfree, warming sensation while listening to soothing spa tones. Like other noninvasive treatment modalities, you will achieve the best results with a series of treatment sessions (four treatments spaced two to four weeks apart). You will see some tightening after your first treatment although it continues to improve over the three to six weeks thereafter. Though the collagen generated from TempSure® Envi is permanent, gravity continues to be a force to be reckoned with, so returning every 6 to 12 months will help keep you looking your best. 

TempSure Envi step-by-step

In addition to three handpieces from 10mm to 20mm for customizable facial and neck treatments, three handpieces from 25mm to 60mm with massage heads and the same TempSure® technology can be applied to tighten skin of the arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and knees, as well as to improve the appearance of cellulite (TempSure® Firm). Especially if you avoid pain and can’t tolerate downtime, seek the TempSure® Envi for the most effective face lift and neck lift without surgery.   

TempSure Envi Before & After
TempSure Envi Before & After 3rd Treatment


Give your skin premium attention with the combined technologies of the PicoSure® and TempSure® Envi-the PicoSure® to even skin tone and texture, the TempSure® Envi to tighten, and both to boost collagen and elastin for firmer skin.

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