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Pediatric Strabismus

Strabismus is a disorder in which the eyes are misaligned and therefore do not look at the same object at the same time.

It occurs when the muscles that surround the eyes do not work together. When this happens, each eye focuses on a different object and sends two different images to the brain (one from each eye).

Infants and very young children may learn to ignore the image from one eye. Older children and adults will usually see two images.

If the strabismus goes untreated, the eye ignored by the brain will experience a loss of vision known as amblyopia or “lazy eye.”

In some cases, amblyopia is present first and causes strabismus. Strabismus may be classified in a number of ways according to a variety of factors:

  • Constant – the eye deviates all of the time
  • Intermittent – the eye deviates some of the time
  • Bilateral – both eyes are affected
  • Unilateral – only one eye is affected
  • Alternating – misalignment alternates between eyes
  • Congenital – strabismus is present at birth or develops during the first six months of life
  • Acquired – strabismus develops after six months of age
  • Esotropia – the eye turns inward (horizontal misalignment)
  • Exotropia – the eye turns outward (horizontal misalignment)
  • Hypertropia – the eye turns up or down (vertical misalignment)
  • Cyclotropia – one eye deviates from the other by turning around its visual axis (rotational misalignment)
  • Complex – a combination of esotropia, exotropia, hypertropia, or cyclotropia

Symptoms of strabismus may include double vision, loss of vision in one eye, loss of depth perception, tired eyes, headaches, adoption of an abnormal head position, or difficulty negotiating stairs or curbs (especially with vertical eye misalignment).

Treatment may include such nonsurgical options as an eye patch, contact lenses, eyeglasses with or without prism, eye exercises, or Botox injections.

If you or your child is affected by strabismus, Dr. Grace Shin can diagnose your condition and recommend the most appropriate treatment(s).

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