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“I had double vision for over 10 years. I was always told the only solution was glasses with prism. I went to an eye center and four optometrists always the same answer more prism. I had cataract surgery and my surgeon knew right away that I needed strabismus surgery and the best to do it was Grace Shin, MD. She was so encouraging and professional, friendly and caring. Her office was immaculate and calming and the staff was warm and professional. It felt like a miracle took place. I can never thank Dr. Shin and her staff enough.”


“I would like to share my story and how I came to see Dr. Shin. I have had a “lazy” eye for over sixty years and wore glasses that were quite thick. I was always very self conscious of my condition. As a result, one of my other health care professionals referred me to Dr. Shin. She performed numerous tests and gave me the happy news that she could fix my lazy eye condition. She also told me that she would be able to get my vision to 20/20 at a distance and that I would need glasses only for reading. This was great news. I never thought this could happen to me.

We scheduled the date for the first of four surgeries. I was getting ready to retire and the first surgery took place on my first day of retirement. The surgery went well. I recovered quickly. Following my great recovery from the first surgery, I had two muscle surgeries and had the lenses replaced in both eyes and everything is just perfect. The surgeries and the recovery were smooth and successful.

Dr. Shin is the most amazing doctor and surgeon I have ever meant. She will spend as much time with you as needed to make sure you feel comfortable and get all of your questions answered. Her patients always come first.

I highly recommend Dr. Shin. She will treat you like family.”


“After a car accident a little over a year ago, I was left with crossed eyes and double vision. I had to wear an eye patch over my glasses so I didn’t have the double vision. After seeing Dr. Shin and having surgery on both eyes, I no longer have crossed eyes or double vision. This has allowed me to start driving and resume my normal activities. Dr. Shin and her staff are absolutely wonderful.”


“Prior to my surgery with Dr. Shin I was seeing 3 images at a time for years. I had prisms place in my glasses by 2-3 other doctors who did not know what was wrong with my eyes. The prisms did not help. I had to close 1 eye to drive. Dr. Shin is a miracle worker and after I had my strabismus surgery I could see single images. She saved me. The strabismus surgery saved me. I don’t feel like a cripple I can now continue to work. I am 88 years-old, now with a normal life. I can drive with both eyes open. I went to so many doctors for help and couldn’t get it. I tell everybody about her. I have a family member with the same issue who has seen Dr. Shin and she feels the same gratitude for Dr. Shin.”


“I started to see Dr. Grace Shin because I was experiencing double vision. It was so bad that it was becoming difficult to drive; even looking at the aisles in the grocery store was becoming overwhelming. I’m 34 years old and have 2 small children so I was in almost a panic because of this condition.
Dr. Shin was highly recommended to me by another eye doctor, in fact he said if he needed eye surgery he would use her. She is very friendly, her easy going personality actually eased some of my anxiety brought on by my double vision, she’s easy to talk to & that means a lot to me. When you’re going through something horrible, the little things matter. So when it comes to my vision/eyes I have complete confidence in her knowledge and experience in this field, I’m sure she’s a genius! She is 100 percent excellent at what she does.
The most important thing about my experience is that after my surgery my vision is 100 percent better! I had been suffering for close to a year. The surgery changed my life. I didn’t realize how much my life was being affected by my doubled vision until it was fixed. I’m a much happier, less scattered feeling and a more relaxed person today. Very grateful for my successful eye surgery!!

Thank you very much Dr. Shin!”


“I have had a problem with my right eye since I was 2 years old I am now 67 years old. Dr. Shin was the only one who was able to straighten my right eye to center and my left one as well. It has been a life changing event for me. I now have perfectly aligned eyes after 66 years. I was given excellent care by Dr. Shin and her staff.”


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