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When selecting your new eyeglasses, you should first start with an accurate lens prescription, then select a frame that is suitable in both form and function.

Our skilled optician can help you decide on a frame, review lens material and technology options, and make recommendations based on your lifestyle, but will not engage in high-pressure sales tactics. Our goal is to provide you with the Ideal Eyewear for your busy lifestyle.


While no optical shop can carry every line from every manufacturer, we offer a wide array of designer frame options, and even if we don’t have that perfect color or finish in stock, we may be able to special order it for you because eyewear can and should be as unique as the individual wearing it.

As a pediatric ophthalmology practice, we understand the challenges associated with fitting small children with glasses. We carry a variety of flexible plastic frames with straps and offer petite frames with cable temples that curve around the ears, both of which can help keep eyewear in place on an active child.


Lens material is a critical component to consider when purchasing a new pair of eyeglasses. Most spectacle lenses dispensed today are plastic and many are digitally manufactured, a more precise method compared to the standard grinding process.

Children under the age of 18 should wear polycarbonate lenses because they are shatter-resistant, but active adults may also choose this lens material because it is lighter than standard plastic lenses and offers an additional layer of eye protection.

Every digital lens dispensed at our practice has UV protection and a one-year warranty against scratches/defects.

We believe the type of lens you wear should enhance the life you live. If you spend hours in front of a computer, but still need to be able to read and look far away and don’t want to continuously change glasses, a progressive lens with a blue-light blocking* anti-reflective coating such as Crizal Prevencia® maybe your best option.

You have many lens enhancement choices, but we recommend Crizal Prevencia® coating because it provides protection against damaging blue-violet light* in addition to anti-reflection and scratch and smudge resistance.

However, if you only need glasses while reading, a pair of single vision lenses may be sufficient for you.

Just as not every car on the road is the same make and model, not every progressive lens is the same. We have chosen to offer the Varilux® family of progressive lenses because among progressive lenses, they best help patients simulate normal vision with their patented W.A.V.E Technology™ for sharp vision, smooth transitions at any distance, and the virtual elimination of an off-balance feeling.

Transitions® photochromatic lenses seamlessly adapt to changing light as you move from indoors to outdoors and also filter up to 6x more destructive blue light* than a clear plastic lens.

*Numerous studies have shown that blue-violet light in the 415-455nm range on the visible spectrum is harmful to the retina and may also cause eye strain/fatigue. It is found virtually everywhere – indoors and out: computer screens, tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, LED TVs & LED lights, fluorescent lights, and of course from the sun.

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